Cyanocobalamin is known as a man-made form of vitamin B12 that can be used to treat deficiency or low levels of this vitamin. Vitamin B12 is important for overall health as it assists the body in properly using carbohydrates and fat for energy while also creating new protein. This vitamin is also essential for normal nerves, cells, and blood. Although most people are able to derive enough vitamin B12 from the foods they eat, if you have certain health conditions, you may experience a deficiency. Vegetarians and vegans may also be at risk for Vitamin B12 deficiency.

How to Use Cyanocobalamin

There are injection and oral form of this medication. Read on to get detailed information of how this medication is used.

1. Cyanocobalamin Injection

Cyanocobalamin injection is categorized as a class of vitamins. Due to the fact that it is injected directly into the bloodstream, it can be used for vitamin B12 supplementation in individuals who are not able to absorb enough of this vitamin through their intestines.

Cyanocobalamin comes in a liquid solution that can be injected just under the skin or into a muscle. It is typically injected in a clinic by a healthcare provider. Cyanocobalamin injections are usually provided on a daily basis for approximately one week. The medication may then be received approximately every other day over the course of the next two weeks and thereafter about every three days for the following two to three weeks. Once your anemia has been resolved, you may require injections monthly in order to prevent symptoms from returning.

Injections of cyanocobalamin can provide you with a sufficient amount of vitamin B12 provided that you receive injections on a regular basis. It may be necessary to receive injections for the remainder of your life. Even if you continue to feel well, it is important to keep all appointments with your healthcare provider. If you stop receiving injections, you may notice symptoms that your anemia is returning. It is also possible for your nerves to become permanently damaged.

Cyanocobalamin injections may also be used to treat genetic conditions that result in a decreased ability of the intestine to absorb vitamin B12. Methylmalonic aciduria is a genetic condition in which the body is not able to break down protein. Cyanocobalamin is sometimes used to treat this condition and may also be given to unborn babies to prevent this condition following birth.

2. Cyanocobalamin Oral

When taking oral cyanocobalamin, it is important to ensure that you adhere to all directions. This medication should typically be taken once daily by mouth. In order to achieve the most benefit, it should be taken on a regular basis. Taking it at the same time each day can help you to remember to take it.

Dosages are based on your response to treatment, medical condition, and laboratory tests. You should consult your pharmacist or physician for details as they relate to you. Various brands of cyanocobalamin are available on the market. Dosing may vary between different products.

Precautions of Cyanocobalamin

Side Effects of Cyanocobalamin

Cyanocobalamin injection and OTC product may result in some side effects, including:

If these side effects do not dissipate, tell your doctor. Certain side effects are rare but can be serious. Consult your doctor if you experience any of the following:

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