What Causes Facial Flushing?

Facial flushing is a temporary redness localized in the face and neck. Sometimes facial flushing causes warm or tingling sensations in affected areas. Dilation of the blood vessels just beneath the surface of the skin causes facial flushing. This can occur for a variety of different reasons, including exercise or environmental heat, cosmetic conditions like rosacea or acne, medication or more serious condition like lupus. 

Causes of Facial Flushing

Common Facial Flushing Causes

Less Common Facial Flushing Causes

Facial flushing causes vary from expected to life threatening. However, facial flushing on its own is rarely indicative of anything serious. Serious conditions will manifest with other notable symptoms like diarrhea, chest pain, shortness of breath, or inflammation. These are not all of the possible symptoms, only some. 


Depending on facial flushing causes, treatment can vary. And here’re some of the facial flushing relief and solutions:


If facial redness relief cannot be achieved or the problem is recurring, it may indicate a more serious health condition that causes your facial flushing. However, it is important that common and cosmetic causes are ruled out before assuming serious causes. Making the distinction can save you time.

Take note of any identifying characteristics of the redness such as shape, timing and duration and pass these on to your physician as they might be helpful in the diagnosing the cause of your facial redness. Symptoms that accompany your flushing will also help.

Your doctor can often determine the underlying cause of your facial flushing with a physical exam and your medical history. However, some testing may become necessary.

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