Headache and Nausea

A headache and nausea is a powerful combination – and one that is not uncommon. In fact, these two symptoms are so closely linked that some people develop a headache when they are sick at their stomach and others develop nausea when they get a headache. Most of the time, a headache and nausea are indicative of some other illness and treating the underlying illness will usually relieve the symptoms.

Causes of Headache and Nausea

Headaches and nausea are generally caused by either specific health conditions or lifestyle choices.

1. Health Conditions

2. Poor Habits and Others

Remedies for Headache and Nausea

Because they are so inter-related, curing either the nausea or the headache may actually cure the other one, too. There are several things you can do to treat your headache and nausea.

When to See a Doctor

Typically, headache and nausea will go away with home treatment. However, you should see your healthcare provider immediately if you have seizures, difficulty with speech or if you have numbness in your arms and legs along with the headache and nausea. You should also be seen by your doctor if the headache and nausea follow any kind of head or neck injury. See your doctor if you have a headache that is “the worst you’ve ever had” or if you have a severe headache for more than 24 hours. These symptoms can indicate a much more serious problem and should be evaluated immediately.

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