Heart Rate Monitor without Chest Strap

Heart rate monitors have become particularly popular among fitness buffs. For patients, the heart rate monitor will alert them of their active heart rate so that they can keep it within a safe zone – this is useful at all times; not just when working out.

There are many features and models available of heart rate monitors, but monitors are divided primarily into two groups: a heart rate monitor with and without a chest strap. Here will list some of the most popular heart rate without chest strap.

Top Heart Rate Monitor without Chest Strap

There are many models available if looking for a heart rate monitor without the chest strap. Some of the top models include:



Polar FT60


This feature rich model is commonly viewed as a virtual personal trainer. Beyond tracking basic heart rate information, the Polar FT60 tracks calories burned, a fitness trainer, replaceable battery feature, fitness test, and more.

Optional features include GPS functionality and foot pods, as well as a data uplink – each with additional costs. Considering the quantity and quality of elevated features, this model is at cost about $128.78.

ePulse Strapless Heart Rate Monitor


Rather than a chest strap, the data comes from an arm band; the monitor includes some great features, such as calorie tracking and notifications when working in or out of the target heart rate zone. It is intended for use beyond just workouts and is useful for everyday activities, such as cleaning or general activity.

The ePulse strapless heart rate monitor is a budget friendly heart rate monitor without the chest strap, ringing in at just $89.95.

Polar CS600 Cycling Heart Rate Monitor


This heart monitor is heavy duty – in addition to standard features, such as monitoring heart rates, it monitors improvements in cycling over time with the Cycle Efficiency Index.

This monitor is water resistant to 10 meters and features a backlit display so that it is visible even in the dark. Its features come with a larger price tag, however, at $340.96

Bowflex Fit Trainer


This heart rate monitor without a chest strap features sports watch features, pedometer functionality, target work zone alarms and fitness training, stopwatch, calorie tracker, and more.

Though it is features many quality features, it costs just $41.89

Carepeutic Heart Rate Monitor


With six primary features, this heart rate monitor includes a stopwatch, calorie tracker, pedometer, distance display, and clock.

A more basic monitor, it will complete standard features and is a steal at just $38.73.

Heart Rate Monitor Features

There are countless features available for heart rate monitors in today’s ever growing market place – some more critical than others. All basic heart rate monitors will monitor the active heart rate, but others go on to include things like recovery heart rate or fitness trainers.

As you search for a heart rate monitors, it is recommended that you invest in a heart rate monitor for convenience and accessibility. Below are several features that you are likely to encounter in your search.

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