Home Remedies for UTI

A urinary tract infection, or UTI, is an infection in the kidneys, bladder or urethra. Most often, the infection is present in the bladder and urethra. A UTI that moves into the kidneys can be very serious and can lead to kidney failure. More common in women than in men, a UTI is at least painful and extremely annoying. There are some common home remedies and tips that can help prevent or treat a UTI.

image001Home Remedies for UTI

Urinary tract infections are typically limited if treated appropriately. Occasionally, a UTI can spread to other areas of the body if the treatment is delayed or is not appropriate for the bacteria causing the problem. There are some home remedies for a UTI that can help with prevention and treatment. Never use these treatments instead of medical care by your doctor!

1. Topical Treatments

2. Beneficial Fruits

3. Potent Supplements

Daily Tips for UTI

In addition to the home remedies for urinary tract infections, you may be able to prevent this problem by doing a few simple things. To prevent a UTI or lessen the impact of the symptoms, do the following.

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