Numbness in Hands: Causes & Treatments

Numbness in hands occurs when there is a loss of feeling in the hands. Accompanying symptoms include sharp pain, tingling/burning sensation, and weakness. Numbness in hand usually occurs due to continuous pressure on the nerve or blood vessel in the arm, wrist or fingers. It is often related to carpal tunnel syndrome, which involves pressure on the median nerve passing in the area of the carpal tunnel. It may also be associated with diabetes, stroke, multiple sclerosis, or poor circulation.

What Causes Numbness in Hands?

Before treating numbness in hands, you need to know what caused your symptoms. There’re many possible causes that lead to numb hands, which are more common than others.

1. Common Causes

2. Other Possible Causes

What to Do If the Numbness in Hands Is Mild

In most cases, numbness in hand is mild and discomfort may be relieved by simple home remedies. Try these therapies at home:

1. Stretch and Massage

Stretch and massage your hands to improve blood flow to the affected area and to relieve compression of the nerve. This works well if you do these as soon as you begin to feel numbness in hands. It also helps if you get up and move around.

Here are some great hand exercises to improve flexibility and strength: Hand Exercises

2. Apply a Compress

Applying a warm compress may improve blood supply to a numb hand. If the numbness gets worse, remove the warm pack and apply a cold compress to reduce the swelling. Apply ice to the wrist or hand twice a day and exercise the joint by doing stretches and curls.

3. Take Needed Vitamins

Taking over-the-counter vitamin supplements such as vitamin E and B vitamins can improve vitamin deficiencies. Eat plenty of leafy green vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds in your diet.

4. Other Helpful Tips

What to Do If the Numbness in Hands Persists or Spreads

It is important to know exactly what is causing numbness in your hands. If your symptoms persist or affect other parts of your body, seek medical help. Proper treatment depends on the underlying cause.

Get medical help immediately or call 911 if your numbness in hand begins abruptly, especially if it is accompanied by paralysis, weakness, confusion, dizziness, difficulty talking, or acute, severe headache. These may be symptoms of a serious condition, such as a stroke.

Make an appointment with your doctor if your numbness:

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