Chronic Cough in Children: Causes & Treatments

Nothing can make a parent more nervous than a sick child. Often, children develop a cough when they are sick and the cough usually goes away after the end of the illness. Dealing with chronic cough in children can really make a parent uneasy when a noisy cough does not seem to go away. However, coughs are most often not serious and necessary to help keep the airways open. Here are some common causes of chronic cough in children and what you can do at home for relief.

10 Possible Causes of Chronic Cough in Children

Your child may have a loud hacking cough. This is a sign of either an illness, object in the airways, or something irritated the lungs. Below are a few of the most common things that cause chronic cough in children.

Treatments for Chronic Cough in Children

1. Therapy Treatments

You will probably be advised to try increasing fluids and rest to see if that helps. Studies show that over-the-counter cough medications really have no added benefit and may have severe side-effects in young children. Here are several common treatments for persistent cough in children:

2. Home Remedies

Home remedies are a safe and effective way to treat chronic cough in children. A questionable severe cough should always be evaluated by a doctor first, but if all seems okay, these may help:

A Word About Children and Cough Medicines

Medical recommendations state that over-the-counter type cough medications should not be used to treat chronic cough in children if they are under age six. Any cough and cold medications sold without a prescription can contain substances that cause side-effects, including depressed breathing rate, insomnia, hallucinations or allergic reactions. These medications have not been found to be beneficial for coughs in children under six. If your child is older than one year, you can make a cough syrup from honey and lemon at home. Honey cannot be given to babies under one year because it can cause botulism, an infection that affects the breathing and nervous system.

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