How Long Can Children Recover from Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is infection or inflammation in one or both the lungs. It is also referred to as chest infection. In children, pneumonia may be caused due to bacteria or virus, the latter being more common cause. During pneumonia, the small airways are swollen and produce more mucus. This results in blockage of airways and decreases the quantity of oxygen that reaches the body. It often follows a flu or cold. Majority of the children suffering from pneumonia recover completely and quickly.

Child Pneumonia Recovery Time

A kid usually recovers fully in couple of week’s time. During this time, the body’s immune system will fight with the infection and clear up pneumonia. Coughing out sputum is part of clearing up process. The cough due to pneumonia may remain for four weeks but get better gradually over this period.

You must take your kid back to the physician if:

Coughing up sputum, long-lasting cough, or recurrent episodes of pneumonia may indicate bronchiectasis. This condition is characterized by scar formation in the lungs.

How to Care Your Child for Early Recovery

After discussing child pneumonia recovery time, let’s discuss ways to take care of your child for early recovery at home.

Medical Treatment at Hospital

You already know the child pneumonia recovery time and ways to take care of your child for early recovery at home, but sometimes your child may need medical treatment at hospital.

Treatment at Hospital

Some kids suffering from pneumonia may need hospitalization. This usually occurs in the following cases:

In hospital, your kid will be monitored closely. They may be given the following treatments:

When Should You Come Back?

You must contact a physician in case your kid is getting treatment for pneumonia and the following happens:

Some kids require a check up after some days. Your physician will notify you when you should come back.

Around 6 weeks post infection, your kid must see a physician to ensure that they have recovered completely.


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