Do You Gain Weight on Your Period?

Many women suffer from a wide variety of symptoms when they are on their period, including cramping, bloating, feeling irritable, headaches and more. One of the most bothersome problems for many women is the feeling of gaining weight when they are on their period. But do women really gain weight during their period, or do the changes in their body simply make them feel as though they are somehow “bigger” than they were a few days before?

Do You Gain Weight on Your Period?

The fact is that yes, women do gain weight during their periods. It might be as little as a pound or two, and some women might not even notice a weight gain so small. But for others, the weight gain could be up to ten pounds. That’s enough to cause problems with tight-fitting clothing and make a woman feel as though her body is no longer her own! Worst of all, dieting doesn’t help.

Most women gain between three and five pounds during the days before their period and during the first few days after the period begins. Some women notice that their clothes don’t quite fit as well, or they might feel more sluggish and heavy than usual. Some women will even have “period jeans” and their regular jeans – and the period jeans are a size bigger! The good news is that this weight does go away, usually right after the period is over.

Why Do You Gain Weight on Your Period?

There are actually several reasons why you gain weight during your period, but they all come back to symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome. The following reasons can contribute to the weight gain:

How Can You Reduce Weight Gain on Your Period?

The good news is that the weight you gain during your period will often vanish just as quickly as it appeared. Treating weight gain during your period can be as simple as a few lifestyle changes.

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