Sore Breast After the Period: Is It Normal?

If you are already near your expected period, it is usually expected that you will experience PMS or premenstrual syndrome, which is associated with breast pain, engorgement, and symptoms almost similar to early pregnancy. These symptoms are suggestive that you have ovulated. Pregnant women, on the other hand, will experience these symptoms because their progesterone levels are kept high.

However, there are some occasions when the woman continues to feel pain within the actual menstrual phase and even has sore breasts after her period. This also does not suggest that you are pregnant because the fact that you just had your period tells you otherwise. So what can be the reasons why sore breasts and engorgement sometimes intensifies after periods?


Breast pain, medically known as mastalgia or mastodynia, is a symptom associated naturally with pre-menstruation. It is a common cause for concern among women, especially those belonging to Western industrialized nations because they immediately suspect that it is cancer, which is actually rare for the disorder. The pain can be very minor, but it can also be incapacitating at times. Breast pain related to weaning, pregnancy, and lactation is not classified under mastalgia. There are two type of breast pain, namely: cyclical and non-cyclical mastalgia (less common).

Causes of Sore Breasts

Sore breasts after a period can result from a variety of factors. Although it normally ceases during periods, there are also instances when it can be worsened because of too much ingestion of certain foods and taking some drugs.

As long as your breasts are not reddened, not warm to touch, have no abnormal nipple discharges, and do not have extremely palpable bumps, then sore breasts after a period should not be a cause for alarm.

Treatments for Sore Breasts

Treatments for sore breasts may vary across different cultural ethnicities. For example, Brits are said to use primrose oil while Italians take vitamin E supplements. Russians even place cabbage leaves that are said to relieve pain. But in the more general sense, other interventions include:

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