What Causes Itchy Vagina Without Discharge?

Feminine itching can be an embarrassing and often distressing symptom that sometimes doesn't go away by simply practicing good feminine hygiene.

Vaginal itching is usually accompanied by abnormal discharge, which is a common female concern. However, a few women experience an itchy vagina without discharge. Many issues that lead to an itchy vagina with discharge can result in similar symptoms without discharge. Vaginal discharge is often accompanied by bad odor, while those who experience itchiness without the discharge are often odorless.

Causes of Itchy Vagina without Discharge

While most cases of vaginal itching are accompanied by odorous, white, gray, yellowish or greenish discharge, some cases of vaginitis or vaginal inflammation does not result in discharge. There are many possible causes of vaginal itching without discharge.

The cause of an itchy vagina without discharge may be identified by medical history, physical examination, and other tests such as biopsy. It is therefore recommended to consult a gynecologist, a dermatologist, or general practitioner for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Treatment for Itchy Vagina Without Discharge

Mild cases of an itchy vagina without discharge may not need treatment to disappear. Specific treatment may be required if the identified cause deems it necessary, such as parasitic or fungal infection.

Medical Treatments

Persistent itchiness or itchiness that is unbearable can be treated with medication. Your doctor will prescribe a topical corticosteroid that you can apply daily to the affected area. You may need to use this medication for several weeks to completely rid yourself of this condition.

If you have regular changes in your skin you should schedule several follow-up appointments with your doctor. This will help them determine if you are suffering from a serious health condition such as liver disease, diabetes or an autoimmune disorder that will require further treatment. In most cases, treating these underlying causes will help relieve your vaginal symptoms.

Home Remedies

Aside from medical treatment, itchiness may also be relieved by:

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