Spice that Cures Diabetes

Diabetes results from too much glucose, or sugar, in the bloodstream. Those with type 1 diabetes suffer from an auto-immune disease in which their body doesn’t make enough insulin to counteract the food they eat. Those with Type 2 diabetes might have not create enough insulin or might have insulin resistance, which means they create insulin but their body doesn’t use it effectively. The following spices are proven excellent for those who have diabetes.

Spice that Cures Diabetes

For those who have type 1 diabetes, these spices might help them keep diabetes under control. For those who have type 2 diabetes, these spices could help reduce the problem or eliminate it altogether.

1. Cayenne Pepper


The capsaicin in this spice can help veins and arteries regain their elasticity, which can normalize blood pressure levels. This helps the blood flow through your body, especially the extremities, where you might have complications from high blood sugar.

2. Turmeric


This spice contains curcumin, a bioactive compound that helps through anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In studies in rats, it helped decrease the odds of blindness and improved circulation.

3. Cinnamon


This spice helps improve the metabolism of glucose in the cells, which could lead to lower blood sugar levels. In addition, cinnamon is also great for reducing high cholesterol levels, which are often another problem those with diabetes. A daily dose of cinnamon bark helps to regulate blood sugar, as well as reduce plasma glucose, which is good news for those who are watching their glycemic index.

4. Ginseng


A treatment used for thousands of years, ginseng is proven to reduce glucose levels if taken 40 minutes before a meal. In addition, it can lead to higher energy levels, which is always a good thing for anyone, regardless of their diabetic diagnosis.

5. Bilberry


This treatment not only can reduce blood sugar levels by an average of 26 percent, it can also reduce triglycerides by up to 39 percent. This is significant not just for the blood sugar changes, but for the heart healthy results of the lower triglyceride levels. In addition, it can be helpful to those who suffer from diabetic retinopathy.

Foods that Cure Diabetes

There are also plenty of foods that are great for reducing diabetes problems, including lowering the glucose levels.

1. Fish


Choosing foods rich in fatty acids can help you reduce your risk of diabetes, even if you are overweight. Fish rich in Omega-3 include salmon, herring, tuna, lake trout and mackerel.

2. Dark Chocolate


Good news for chocolate lovers: Dark chocolate has been proven to reduce insulin resistance, especially if it is mostly cocoa and has little sugar content. Cocoa powder and baking chocolate are also great ways to get the flavonoids you need to reap the benefits.

3. Red Grape


Drinks made with red grapes, such as red wine, can help stabilize glucose levels over time. Though red wine is recommended for your heart and your blood sugar levels, keep in mind that calories before you have a tall glass or two.

4. Blueberries


Blueberries not only help you regulate blood sugar, but also help you lost body fat, especially in the belly. These powerhouses of antioxidants can also help you fight off diseases by giving your immune system a boost.

5. Coconut Oil


This unique oil is immediately converted into energy in the body, and that means that it doesn’t sit around long enough to deposit fats into your bloodstream. This means it provides the cells with energy without raising glucose levels to do so.

6. Almonds


Eating almonds before a meal can help keep your blood sugar under control, and that can help lower the risk of diabetes. Besides that, almonds and walnuts are healthy fats, which means they are better for your heart – and heart disease is something that many diabetics have to worry about.

7. Buckwheat


When buckwheat seeds were fed to rats with diabetes, their overall glucose levels decreased by up to 19 percent. Technically a fruit and not a grain, buckwheat can be found in specialty stores, especially health food stores.

8. Green Tea


A wonder drink, green tea has been suggested as a way to slow the progression of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It contains polysaccharides, which are a type of carbohydrate. This carbohydrate slows the absorption of glucose, meaning that the sugar in the body is used at a more reasonable pace. You can also try some black tea as well – it has been known to mimic the effects of insulin in the body.

No matter what route you choose to deal with diabetes, these natural remedies could be a good part of your health plan. From spice that cures diabetes to foods that are best for dealing with insulin resistance, these natural remedies can go a long way toward bringing blood sugar levels down.

Before you begin any sort of diabetes regimen, speak to your doctor about which natural remedies or prescription medications are right for you. Never begin treating diabetes on your own without the guidance of a licensed physician, as you could wind up in worse shape than you were in the beginning! Even your natural remedies, diet and exercise should be vetted by your doctor before you plunge into the diabetes treatment.

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