Most Effective Ways to Lose Arm Fat!

Losing weight anywhere on your body relies more on reducing the amount of calories you consume than building muscle. It is not actually possible to lose fat from a specific part of the body by exercising those particular muscles. You need to create a calorie deficit by using more calories than you take in by consuming a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Toning your arms with exercises instead of focusing on traditional weight lifting will help create muscles that will give your arms long, clean lines.

How to Lose Weight in Your Arms with Exercises

1. Arm Exercises





  1. Stand up straight with your legs shoulder width apart holding dumbbells with the palms facing your thighs.
  2. Lift the shoulder and back muscles up as though you were shrugging your shoulders, then gently lower them back down.

You should feel the upshot from this exercise in your wing tips and shoulders.

Bicep Curls


  1. Sit on the edge of a bench with your legs about a foot apart and the feet flat on the floor.
  2. Hold a dumbbell, place your right elbow on your right knee and curl the dumbbell upward then slowly lower it back down.
  3. Repeat this exercise 8-12 times with each arm.

Triceps Dumbbell Extension


  1. Stand up straight while holding a dumbbell in your left hand.
  2. Then stretch your hand upward so that you move the dumbbell up over your head.
  3. Bring the dumbbell down so it is behind your head hold here for a few seconds before raising your hand up to the original position.
  4. Perform 3-4 sets of 10 with each hand.

Dumbbell Fly


How to lose weight in your arms? You can perform this exercise on a weight lifting bench or while standing.

  1. Hold your dumbbells straight up at shoulder level with your elbows touching and the palms facing each other.
  2. Slightly bend your elbow.
  3. Open and close the arms like a bird that would be flapping its wings to fly before bringing yourself back into the starting position.

Skull Crusher


  1. Lie on a bench with a barbell and bring the barbell parallel to the shoulders, keeping your arms extended.
  2. Start bending the elbows so your forearms come toward your forehead without letting the barbell touch your head
  3. Then straighten your arms so the barbell is at a 90 degree angle from your torso.



Performing 12-15 push-ups each day is considered ideal for keeping up your stamina and keeping your arms in shape.

  1. Lie on the stomach, keeping a shoulder width distance between your legs.
  2. Tighten the abdominals and keep the back and neck straight while looking ahead.
  3. Balance yourself on your arms and toes and lower the body down toward the ground, keeping your chest and torso from touching the floor before you raise your body back up.
  4. Work to keep as much of your body weight as possible on your hands and not your legs.


2. Cardio Workouts

Cardio workouts are effective at helping the body burn fat. Aerobics, dancing, swimming, treadmill workouts and more can help you get rid of fat all over your body, including those in your arms. You should do at least 150 minutes of moderate cardio or 75 minutes of intense cardio every week, alternating between items like cycling, swimming, walking, jogging or jumping rope. This will help you burn calories, strengthen your heart and boost your overall fitness level so it is easy to stay slim. If you want to lose weight more quickly, increase the intensity or duration of your workouts as you progress.

How to Lose Weight in Your Arms with Diet

1. Drinks

Increasing your intake of pure spring water between meals will help you increase your metabolism so it is easy to burn fat. This can also help you relieve stress hormones that can come with dehydration. However, you should avoid drinking too much during meals because this can impair your digestion and make you bloat. You should avoid drinking too many sugary drinks, soda or coffee as these promote dehydration and weight gain.

2. Breakfast

Plenty of research backs up the idea that those that eat a lean protein, high fiber breakfast are more likely to lose weight and maintain their ideal shape. Having a satisfying meal in the morning will limit your desire to snack more later. If you are not fond of traditional breakfast foods you can indulge in something more unique like a turkey wrap to get the nutrients you need.

3. Reducing Calorie Intake

Drastically reducing your calorie intake is not recommended for healthy weight loss, as this can cause dangerous side effects like gallstones or malnutrition but you should create a deficit of 500-1000 calories with a combination of diet and exercise. This will help you lose weight gradually without causing harm to your body.

4. Healthy Diet

There are no specific foods that are recommended when it comes to how to lose weight in your arms, but cutting out foods that are known to make you gain weight can help you reach your goals more easily. Eliminate foods that contain saturated fats, cholesterol, sugar, salt and trans fats and replace them with lean meats, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy. Eating smaller portions throughout the day instead of a few large meals can also make it easier to lose weight.

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