How to Stop a Runny Nose

One of the common symptoms that mark the beginning of cold weather is running nose. The other reasons which can also trigger this problem are inflammation, allergy, infection or toxins/ dirt present in the environment. According to some specialists, bacteria, stress, inadequate sleep and some emotional changes can also trigger running nose. A runny nose can compromise the day to day activities. Following discussion will help to get rid of this condition.

How to Stop a Runny Nose

1. Try Some Soothing Agents



Salt Water


Washing the nostrils with the solution of saltwater will clear the toxins present in it. To prepare the solution, take 8 ounce warm water and mix a tablespoon of common salt in it. Suck it with dropper and pour it in your nose. Now inhale it gently so that the solution further goes inside. Finally blew the nose so that discharge from nose and water can be cleared out.

Spicy Foods


It is a fact that spicy foods not only clear the congestion in nose, it also supports in managing the symptoms of running nose. Eating spicy food can help to temporarily increase nasal discharge and get rid of the toxins and blockage. If you are among those persons who need tissue while eating spicy food then this home remedy is best for you. Recommended foods are ginger and cayenne pepper.

Mustard Oil


It is another home remedy for stopping runny nose which is effective as well as simple. Take mustard oil and slightly warm it on low flame. With the help of dropper pour a drop of warm mustard oil in one nostril and give it a minute to get absorbed. Repeat same process for other nostril. The scent of oil is so strong which give you tough time in breathing, which is why you should pour in one nostril at a time.



Thyme is another effective remedy for running nose. Take dry thyme and crushed it finally to get its powder. Pestle and mortar can help here in making powder of thyme. If you do not have pestle and mortar then spoon’s back also works well. Inhale gently the powder of thyme; it will stop the runny nose. Thyme oil can also be used instead of thyme powder in the same way as mustard oil was told to use.



Turmeric is used traditionally in Indian medicine and is very popular for curing different illness which also includes runny nose. Take dry ground turmeric and soak it in linseed oil which is easily available at all food stores. Now place the turmeric on low flame so that it started to smolder. Inhale the smoke from nose for at least 5 minutes.

Herbal Tea


Among all the herbal teas available ginger tea works best for runny nose. To prepare ginger tea, take some fresh ginger slices and boil them in 1 cup water for 5 to 7 minutes. Add cinnamon stick for giving pleasant aroma to your tea. Pour this flavored water in a mug. Add sugar according to your taste and lemon extracts, stir it and enjoy your ginger tea.

Cinnamon and Honey


Honey with cinnamon works best for runny nose. Add 2tbsp of honey in a cup with pinch of powder cinnamon and ¼ spoon of lemon juice in it. Add hot water and enjoy. Here we add lemon because it has antibacterial properties and have great healing power for cold.

2. Apply Pressure

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3. Use a Tissue

Runny nose happens due to the large amount of fluid and mucus buildup in throat and nose. Blowing nose works best to treat this condition. Gently blow the nose by using a tissue so that excess fluid comes out. Avoid blowing nose too often as it can cause redness and skin burning problems.

4. Steam and Humidify

Steam is very effective remedy and works fast for curing runny nose. Take a warm bath and steam yourself, try to stay in bathroom until the steam disappears. Steam gives comfort and sooth to running nose. Humidifying a room can help moisturize the air and thin your mucus. Try to invest a humidifier in your room or find other ways to make the air humidified.

5. Use OTC Medications

Mostly runny nose cured naturally but if it takes more time in curing then seeking a medical help is the best option.

Firstly the treatment started with syrup, oral pills and pseudoephedrine such as Dristan, Sudafed Congestion and Sinutab). There are some side effects of these medications therefore use them on doctor’s prescription.

Nasal sprays are used to unblock the nasal passage. Phenylephrine and oxymetazoline medications are usually prescribed.

Further your doctor may prescribe diphenhydramine and Antihistamines to heal the running nose problem.

When to See a Doctor

If the symptoms are serious and taking time in curing then it is important to consult the doctor.

Ask the doctor if:

Ask your child’s doctor if:

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