Itchy Skin at Night

Normally you will see only two types of itchiness; the first one will manifest in changes to the skin in the itchy spots. The changes could be anything like dryness, bumps or scaly skin. The second type will not display changes on the skin as it will appear as if everything is normal, and yet the itch will be present. Those are the signs that will allow you to tell if a problem is actually external or internal.

Causes of Itchy Skin at Night

1. External Causes

External factors refer to those that would not indicate that there is a problem with your health. When you think of an external factor you must think of the environment around you and the changes that have taken place which could have triggered your itchy skin. Here are some of the most common external causes.

2. Internal Causes

Some of the internal causes have more to do with your health. When that is the case the itching can actually become very intense especially at night. It is important that you check the source of the itchy skin as some conditions that can cause it are fatal if not treated.

Remedies for Itchy Skin at Night

1. Prevent Dryness


Some of the best remedies for itchy skin include using moisturizer to prevent dryness and also avoid the hot showers especially at night. Your showers should range from cool to lukewarm and oatmeal powders can do wonders for itchy skin. Since hot temperatures can cause itching. It is also recommended that you use sun block if you will be outside.

2. Avoid Scratching’


Try to not scratch too much because if you have a bacterial infection you could break the skin. Try to scratch with your fingertips as opposed to your finger nails.

3. Use Cinder Vinegar


Cider vinegar is a great home remedy for itching due to its antiseptic and antifungal properties. Wet some cotton with the vinegar and rub it on the itchy spot. If the itching has spread, then use two cups of vinegar in your bath water and soak for a half hour.

4. Apply Cold Compress


Finally you can use cold compress on the affected area to reduce the itchiness. The cold will make you feel better while at the same time reduce irritation.

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