Why Are My Breasts Swollen?

Every woman will have swollen or painful breasts at some point in her life. The physiological changes that occur in each major stage of life can have dramatic effects on the breasts. At times, tender breasts can also be accompanied by redness of the nipples or areola. The swelling in the breast can cause discomfort for the women. Most of the time, swelling is not a major concern, but it can be an indicator of devastating illnesses that can be fatal.

Causes of Swollen Breasts

1. Common Causes

There are many common causes of tender and swollen breasts.

2. Medical Conditions

Treatments for Swollen Breasts

1. Visit a Doctor. Women should see their doctor to ease the discomfort and to be sure their symptoms are not signs of something serious. Their doctor will decide if further testing is needed to determine the cause of their swelling and tenderness. After seeing the test result, a treatment program can be designed for the woman.

2. Use Home Remedies. There are some simple but effective ways to release breast pain or swelling, including diet changes, uses of medicine, etc.

3. Check Breasts Regularly. Women should check their breasts regularly for lumps and changes that may indicate problems.

When to See a Doctor

If a woman develops any new lumps, has swollen breasts constantly, or if there are changes in existing lumps, she should contact her doctor as soon as possible. Other reasons to contact a health care provider would be if unilateral lumps are found in the breast or if there is a bloody or brown discharge from the nipple. If the pain is keeping the woman from sleeping and no changes in diet or exercise have helped, it is time to contact a doctor. Any woman who does not know how to do a self-exam, who is 40 or older, or who has never had a mammogram should also visit her doctor soon.

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