How to Lighten Pubic Area

A lot of people, especially African American women, are bothered by dark skin in the pubic area. The pubic or bikini area is that place between the inner thighs that may be seen when a woman wears a bikini, and although it may cause some embarrassment, you need not worry too much about it because it is normal. This is also true for other areas of the body which may appear darker than other parts, like the underarms.

Darkening of the pubic area may occur due to different factors, of which genetic factors play an important role. Some people are more likely to develop pigmentation in these areas than others. Other factors including overexposure to the sun, skin disease, regular shaving and constant friction between the thighs among overweight individuals are common. Sweating and accumulation of dead skin in the bikini area can occur, thereby increasing the discoloration in this place.

Ways to Whiten the Dark Pubic Area

There are natural ways to whiten the skin in the area between the thighs using common ingredients found at home:

You may also try commercial products which contain natural lightening ingredients such as:

To prevent darkening or to reduce pigmentation, you can also try these preventive measures:

These skin lightening measures may take more than a few days to work, so be patient and don't worry about it. They will not guarantee complete whitening, because other factors like genetics and constant friction may be present, but these will help improve your appearance. If skin reactions or sensitivity occur, discontinue the treatment. You may also want to consult a dermatologist if skin discolorations are present or other symptoms occur.

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