Is Taking Colloidal Silver Safe?

In spite of the claims made by many manufacturers, medical professionals do not consider it safe or effective to treat medical conditions with colloidal silver. Silver is not known for having any purpose within regular bodily function and this does not act as an essential mineral.

Colloidal silver is made from particles of silver suspended in a liquid base. This silver is the same metal that is used for dental fillings, jewelry, silverware and similar goods. Colloidal silver is marketed as a dietary supplement that is taken orally. There are also some colloidal silver products that are designed to be applied to the skin or injected into the body.

Manufacturers that sell colloidal silver claim that it is capable of performing a wide variety of medical services including treating cancer, shingles, viral or bacterial, prostatitis, herpes or eye ailments; boosting the immune system; managing HIV/AIDS. Some simply boast that this product is a general cure-all. However, no scientific research has been published in a medical journal with a respected reputation. Furthermore, the FDA has taken action against several manufacturers that produce or sell colloidal silver medical products because of using unsubstantiated health claims as an advertising mechanism.

It is not clear just whether regularly using colloidal silver is harmful. However, research has indicated that using this product for months or years will cause the colloidal silver to build up in the tissues of your body. This will lead to argyria, a condition that causes your skin, gums, eyes, nails or internal organs to take on a blue-gray color. This is not considered a serious health threat, but it can cause cosmetic issues as this discoloration will not fade when patients stop using the colloidal silver products.

Colloidal silver may negatively interact with other medications involving thyroxine, quinolone, penicillamine and tetracycline medications. In rare cases taking a large amount of colloidal silver can lead to severe health effects including neurological problems like seizures, and kidney damage.

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