Itching All Over Body

Pruritis or itching is when you feel a prickly sensation or some type of itching of a body part. It causes you to want to scratch the affected area. Sometimes, this feeling can be over the entire boy. Many factors can lead to it, including your stress level and certain illnesses like some skin conditions. Itching tends to be worse when you are not distracted by something else. Some people tolerate itching better than others.

What Causes Itching All Over Body?

There are many reasons why you might have itching. Some are completely benign reasons while others are more serious (such as diabetes or kidney failure).

1.   Skin Conditions

There are several different types of skin conditions that have itchiness as their main symptom. This includes any one of the skin conditions listed below:

2.   Allergies and Skin Reactions

You can have itching all over the body from an allergen, an environmental substance or an irritant. This can include the following:

3.   Parasites and Insects

You can have itching feeling in every part of body from these common pests:

4.   Internal Disorders

There are some bodily conditions that cause serious problems with itching in your body. Usually the skin looks normal but the itching persists. These include the following conditions:

5.   Nervous System Disorders

You can have a nervous system disorder that affects the nerves, causing you to feel itching all over body. These include the following:

6.   Medications

There are some common medications that will result in itching that can be localized or all over your body. These include the following:

7.   Pregnancy

Women can experience an intensely itchy experience during pregnancy. You can have itching of the arms, abdomen, breasts, thighs, or all over the body. Sometimes it is related to having a skin disease like eczema that is just worsened by being pregnant.

8.   Menopause

It is common to have itching all over the body after menopause. This is when women stop having periods and have a reduction in several reproductive hormones, causing the skin to itch. Loss of estrogen is especially associated with itching.

What Should I Do About Itching All Over Body?

There are several things you can do to help resolve your itching. If you know that the cause of your itching is, you can stop the underlying cause and the itching will go away. If you don't know what is causing the itching yet still want relief, these tips may help:

Should I See My Doctor?

Most of the time, itchy skin resolves without any intervention and you needn't see the doctor. If you experience the following symptoms, however, you should see your doctor:

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