How to Get Rid of White Hair

White hair is believed to be either hereditary or caused by stress, hormones, or over-all health issues. Regardless of its cause, hair becomes white because of a lack of melanin which gives hair its black color. Nowadays, how to get rid of white hair becomes more and more urgent. This is because white hair appears to be showing up earlier in life than before and teenagers are getting white hair at a very increased rate. But it's not very serious and many remedies and treatments can be used to bring your black hair back.

How to Get Rid of White Hair

There are many products and natural treatmentsthat can help hide white hair, lessen its appearance and even turn it black again. Let's get a closer look and find which one fits you best.

1. Try Natural Treatments

There are also many solutions to how to get rid of white hair naturally. Although more gradual, one apparent bonus of trying these natural treatments is that they will not harm your hair the way most chemicals and dyes can. Some natural treatments for white hair are as follows:

Here is another way of getting rid of white hair, watch and learn:

2. Dye Your Hair

There are so many different ways to change the color of your hair with various dying products.The following is a list of the most common used methods:

As a natural method, henna coloring can give your hair a darker color with a slight or more pronounced red hue. Henna will last about as long as most chemical oriented wash-out dyes.

3. Take Supplements

Only one supplement has made claim that it works on getting rid of white hair and can actually reverse and change white hair back to its natural color, Melancor. Melancor is still highly debated as to whether it works or not. It is a simple supplement to take and the company recommends taking it for at least 6 months before seeing results. They do offer a money-back guarantee and state that it may not work for all people.

4.    Other Things to Pay Attention to

continuingto fight your aging hair can get tiring. Try to make the stringy, older hair work with you, not against you.Get a shorter, more modern cut to your hair. Also be sure, whether you color or go natural, to moisturize because white and grey rooted hair can be dry and frizzy.

Prevent the Appearance of White Hair

Instead of knowing how to get rid of white hair, it's better to prevent it at first. While it is unknown whether white hair can actually be prevented completely, the usual reasons for premature white hair can be prevented. Hair is grown from the inside out and as it grows, it may be stressed and damaged by the sun, free radicals, chemicals, etc. Below is a list of beneficial “dos” and “don'ts” not only for your hair but for your complete well-being.

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